OZ CRYSTAL  Performances / Artists

Oz Crystal is the master of the entrancing new circus art form known as Contact Juggling.

With incredible skill, transparent crystal spheres deftly slide, float, dance and glide serenely around this watery wizard’s hands, arms and body with a grace and precision that will astound you.

Available as a roving character or as a stage show act, Oz Crystal will leave you spellbound with his astonishing and hypnotic charm.

Technical requirement

· Length: as for as 3 times x 20 minutes + show on stage 5 min
· Team: 2 artists + 1 Creartys’ assistant/coordinator
· Minimum Space: 3m x 2m


CREARTYS - Performance & Production · info@creartys.com · tel +34 91 843 38 69 · Madrid SPAIN - Artists y Show for Events

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