One man show


Presenter, showman, actor, monologuist, humorist, comedian, reporter... a restless child, a tireless adult, a fighter who grows in the face of adversity.

An ARTIST that with humor will impregnate the event with current news, the day to day, the surrealism that floods his mind. His show: stand up comedy, with a lot of improvisation, with cabaret airs and where the fourth wall disappears completely. Pure energy on the stage to make a unique moment full of content and message. Curious traveler formed between Barcelona, Madrid, London, New Jersey and California. He went to high school in the United States with the complete kit of student by USA: graduation, dance and locker in the halls. That encouraged him, some time later, to knock on Judy Carter's door and train in comedy with the creator of "The Comedy Bible". like all websites of today, uses cookies. By continuing to browse you accept our Cookies Policy.