Ernesto Fernandez is one of the best of the world handling Rubik’s cubes. After a period when he won many national and international championships, he decided to "export" his skill to the Event Industry as to create true art pieces. That means, instead of using brushes, the artist handles hundreds or thousands of Rubik's cubes that he precisely puts in position on a wooden-frame creating a customized picture. The result is spectacular!

We propose two different concepts for events:

Rubikart Live which is live performance on stage, where the artist built an artwork piece done in few minutes, and made of 552 Rubik’s cubes.

Rubikart XL which is an animation for major events taking place in several days. The artist handles 2.000, 3.000 and till 5.000 Rubik’s cubes to create a giant fresco getting an astonishing art piece!




  • Barrier rope for crowd control (2-3m from the artist)
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