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When did your vocation for drawing begin? What were your main artistic models in your initial period? And why did you decide on "speed painting"?

Well, paradoxically when I was a kid, my brother made me drawings for school, so I started as a spectator. At home, there has always been a strong interest in art and at thirteen I clearly saw that I wanted to live by creating and nurturing art. I have many role models, most are not painters, I put the honesty and the message to the aesthetic part, so I have found many sources of inspiration. "La Fura dels Baus" in theatre, are a clear example of references that marked a stage of my youth. And the "speed painting" came into my life in a mixture of passion and chance. I am excited to be able to show the pictorial process, as well as the impact and the emotions that I can transmit by creating live art. These are very different from the ones I share with the public in exhibitions or painting murals.

Can you briefly explain what the Speed Painting technique consists of? How did you learn to master it by becoming a specialist internationally? Why is it so striking and novel today?

It consists of painting live, in a very short time, creating a spectacle that keeps the public attention, offering a careful and precise result. I think these are the key elements that make this technique such an attractive resource. Years of experience combined with the preparation of each project, give me the security and confidence to go on stage and create a new work before the public.

Last summer you travelled to New York with Ravid Goldschmidt and a contemporary dance company to produce a show focused on the general public. How was this American experience?

Enriching. Being able to perform at NY's Summer Stage Festival, with a more innovative approach, mixing my pictorial language with Ravid Goldschmidt's Handpan Drum & Oval music and the contemporary dance company Iron Skulls, was a real luxury and a very exciting creative stimulus. And to share a stage with numerous artists of an incredible level, I can only be excited by the experience...

You have created numerous, complex and varied portraits of characters linked to different fields, business, television, film, musical ... Is there a particular portrait that you have not yet done and would like to carry out?

Well... there are many people that I admire and it would be great to be able to paint their portraits live, even more when this fact gives you the opportunity to meet them ... To paint Tom Waits at one of his concerts, or, to be able to paint Bansky and to finish destroying the fabric, would be great! Ha ha ha ... But at the same time, I love to look at the expressions of anonymous people, one day I would love to go to paint by surprise to, for example, a market.

You have performed at the inauguration of the FIFA Club World Cup, in the presentation of the Endesa Basketball League, and in numerous presentations of different prestigious brands such as Mercedes, Maserati, Bosch, Puma, Schwarzkopf, Huawei ... Is there any event in which you would really like to participate?

I enjoy more and more of the events organised with passion, feeling as each person puts his emotion and image in his work. Sometimes, the energy arrives by quantity and sometimes by intensity. Usually, I feel fulfilled after each show in which I participate. If you want more details, the "Mardi Gras Festival" of New Orleans has to be incredible! Also, participating in the "Art Basel" in Miami, with all the proposals of street art, would be amazing.

You have had a chance to experience your art in the television media. What has it meant for you to be a part of the Spanish television program "Tú sí que sí"?

My participation in television programs, in which I try to be successful, I feel at all times respected as an artist. In this case, it was, I found a team of professionals that made me have a very good experience, it was great!

Can you give us some details about what projects you have for the next months?

I am preparing my collaboration in five concerts, with a musician and his band at an international level. Also, for the month of May, I am personalising four performances of the Murmur show with Ravid Goldschmidt for the "Ansan Street Arts Festival" held in South Korea. Also, coordinating the residence of artists Cal Gras in Avinyó, Barcelona. And, of course, I'm still painting and creating to complete my next exhibition.