Krystal Sound Duo


KRYSTAL SOUND DUO is an exceptional duo that delights audiences with their mastery of the crystal harp, recognized as the largest in the world in its category. This impressive musical creation has an extraordinary range spanning five octaves, thanks to the tuned goblets that make it up. Each of these goblets has been meticulously adjusted to produce a complete range of notes, from the lowest to the highest tones.

Each performance is a unique and captivating experience. The artists master the art of sliding their hands over the goblets, creating melodies and harmonies that transport spectators to a state of absolute admiration. The combination of the visual beauty of the crystal harp and the purity of its sound creates a dreamlike atmosphere, where emotions intertwine with the music in an unforgettable way. like all websites of today, uses cookies. By continuing to browse you accept our Cookies Policy.